August-September 2020

To Shaolin by Motorcycle

A documented single journey into the Middle Kingdom. The new most spontaneous action of my life. Stories about adventures, joys and difficulties once a week on YouTube and Instagram, don’t miss the start.

Project ended on November 31, 2020

Thanks to everyone who participated, if you want to watch all the episodes, then at the bottom of this page there are links to all the episodes, or you can immediately go to the channel on YouTube [in Russian]

Saint Petersburg — Shaolin

The aim is

to show the entrance to Shaolin Temple (China) the second time, reporting all what I see in YouTube

The purpose

Organize spontaneous meetings with people;

Share the rules and tips of safe motorcycle ride;

Motivate others to become self-aware;

Show others that traveling is bigger than it seems to be, it’s a road to yourself


The background

How it was by the plane

In 2015 I quitted an office job and took my way to Shaolin Temple In 2019 a YouTube video with my interviewabout life in Shaolin hit more than 2 million views in one week, and the last year it got over 6 million views.

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You're in good hands

Opinion leaders' impressions


Early in the morning I’ll stop by the main gate of Shaolin Temple. I’m gonna get on the kung fu show, show the place where I camped out and lived for the first two weeks. I’ll show you how Dengfeng has changed in the last years.

To strive to learn new things

From 2019 I studied at the Master’s degree in Beijing, I studied Chinese philosophy, from 2015 I studied martial arts and bodily practices, in five years I have accumulated topics for conversation.

Approximate Route

From St. Petersburg to the east, with a stop at Baikal Lake. Ulaanbaatar to the Chinese border From Beijing through Guoliang to Shaolin Temple. Heading west to Xinjiang, Kazakhstan — back to Russia.


Journey is the way

The Way around Asia

> 0

They believed in me.


Upon arrival at the point throw the geotag in the telegram channel, as well as information about meetings. (click on the headline) or

"Once a spring is broken through, it can flow anywhere, if the road is laid out, you can go anywhere."

"Live Speeches" trans. 杨兴顺

Despite the challenges of the journey, the pass of borders during the pandemic, I do not call it difficulties, I think of it as a "path". "The way" is distinguished by the absence of rigid plans at intermediate points.

St. Petersburg
Nizhny Novgorod
Ulan Ude

Ulaanbaatar etc.

Guolian Road
Chongqing – CIMAMotor 2020 Exhibition

Shymkent etc.


talking about

What interests me

Motivation of others — achieving mutual goals

“Brainstorming” in the time of Confucius was called “unity through difference of opinion.” For example, the creation and approval of a law should be hold by officials with different opinions. Different opinions, but common goals.

Freedom as a lifestyle

In the “Biography of the Saints-Immortals” it is said: “The non-birth of not a single thought is freedom; the absence of things in the heart and head is immortal.” Travel is the way of not giving birth to thoughts and the absence of things in the heart.

"Everyone who is ready for the change is able to reach the top"

Traveling without any hotel reservations, air and railways transport schedules in solo is called travel without any plan. Traveling without a plan is the embodiment of a willingness to change.

May measure value of the human?

“… when he meets with other people, he has clear and refined order of the attitude towards everyone — from the elders to the youngers; he has a clear, refined form to enter into relationships with others; he has the joyful kindness to love others; that’s what a human is valuable for.”

Shaolin as a source of self-development

Everyone in their life should have their own guidelines for growth, their goals in achieving of which development is felt. I am similar to you in that Shaolin was a dream that inspires

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The motion

The project is unique as it brings together the properties and qualities of a person in one journey, which rarely meet together. Remember what happened with Tesla? Those who trust will win. This is exactly what my journey will be about.

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