in short, I putted everything behind and start from studying Shaolin kung fu to find my roots.

🏢 Petersburger . My mother’s grandfather is Chinese . 1/8 is Chinese blood running in my veins;

👷‍♂️ Engineer . In 2011 he graduated from the University of St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Technology , worked at NIIT for 2.5 years and resigned as head of the marketing department;

🔧 Techie . I will be happy to support the conversation on the topic of audio, video, photo production and IT technologies;

👨‍💼 Ex-boss. During the transition period, after leaving NIIT from his position as head of the External Relations and Marketing Department, he was temporarily engaged in the design and production of furniture;

️️️️️️️#️⃣ Coach at #sektaschool. (2014) Since then, I know the basics of useful training, nutrition and experiences in dealing with people;

🥋 The way of kung fu . Began in 2014 at the school of Master Shi Yanbin in Moscow;

🏯 Shaolin . The first time I came in July 2015 with a tent and a visa for 2 months;

🌐 Websites. Developing simple solutions when it is difficult for the customer to explain what he wants, but it is easy for me to do what he needs ;

🏋️‍♀️ Training. At the school of master Shi Yangchen , Dengfeng, Henan, China;

🎬 Kung fu and stage. Enrolled in the summer course of the Beijing Opera faculty at the Shanghai Theater Academy ;

📚 Kung fu and theory. Master’s in Chinese Philosophy from Beijing Normal University ;

🏍️ Solo travel. During my trip “ to Shaolin by motorcycle ” I visited dozens of cities in Russia;